Good for the Bees


Painting spaces to create positive environments.

Listening to people’s needs. Translating. Painting a custom mural to bring content to life, nudge behavior, or simply create positive vibes.

Zara has 5+ years of strategically designing environments to change behavior. She uses the science behind physical design, color theory, and pairs it with her ability to synthesize what she hears to create something that is fresh and grounded.

2019_04_Kuni_Bedroom Sky 3.png

Sedona Sky

A sweet pair of custom ceiling murals inspired by the sky over Sedona, Arizona at different times of day.

03 2019_Yellow Mural UES_02.png

Spring and Taxi Cabs

Custom mural to create space, brightness, and levity in New York City Upper East Side apartment inspired by taxi cabs, plants, and hope for springtime.