Good for the Bees




Good for the Bees is a creative studio in NYC founded by artist
Zara Fina Stasi


Zara Fina Stasi is an artist, designer, facilitator, and positive human living and working in New York City.

She founded Good for the Bees to help people connect through art and to create positive vibes in the world. Zara has deep experience bringing art into the business world and has worked with clients globally to clarify, connect, align, excite, challenge, and tell stories through her work. Previously, she created her role as the first ever National Artist for Deloitte Greenhouse.

She values hearing from all perspectives, our planet, building strong minds, cultivating community, equality, democratizing and demystifying art, and growing plants.




Deloitte Greenhouse. New York, NY

National Greenhouse Artist, traveling globally to bring art into facilitated sessions through experience design, facilitation, and live capture


Deloitte Greenhouse, Global. New York, NY

Designer, traveling globally to craft bespoke client experiences


Deloitte Consulting. Washington, D.C.

Strategy consultant, focused on bringing efficiencies to clients through process and product analysis +design


The College of William and Mary. Williamsburg, VA

Magna Cum Laude. BA: Studio Art Major, History Major

Monroe Scholar: Research in Paris, France



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