Good for the Bees


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Live Capture

Capturing real-time visual synthesis of a live event.

Zara has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News and World Report for her live capture work. She has trained over 400+ people in the foundations of live synthesis and visualization.



Painting spaces to create positive environments.

Zara has 5+ years of strategically designing environments to change behavior. She uses the science behind physical design, color theory, and pairs it with her ability to synthesize what she hears to create something that is fresh and grounded.



Painting and creating pops of happiness across mediums.

Zara creates pieces that share a bit of her experience with the world. She has been showing her work for 20 years and her pieces have found their way to many homes, schools, and businesses.



Illustrating pieces for a variety of strategic uses.

Zara has illustrated for clients globally, creating pieces to help tell stories, to simplify complex topics, to serve as facilitation tools, and to bring content to life.