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Live Capture

Capturing real-time visual synthesis of a live event.

We learn best when two or more of our senses are engaged. Live capture pairs sight and sound, enabling clients to better experience, comprehend, and remember content. Live capture brings the discussion to life in realtime and the visual output can be used as a tool for alignment, memory enhancement, and communication and marketing. Live capture is also referred to as graphic facilitation/ scribing/ graphic recording.

Zara has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and U.S. News and World Report for her live capture work. She has synthesized and created for over 200+ live sessions across the globe, working physically (on foam core, whiteboards, paper) and digitally. She has worked with Fortune 10 (100, 500) companies, nonprofits, the public sector,  and more.

She has trained 400+ people in the foundations of live capture, focusing on how to better listen and synthesize discussions.

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The Art of Business: How the Deloitte Greenhouse team leverages visual learning

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